Geek Reading March 28, 2016 #1071

My apologies to those of you that expect a new post every weekday. I took a day off from work and the internet 🙂 While I am sure I missed a bit of news over the weekend, I still have a good list of articles for you today. First, Docker announced the beta of clients for Mac and Windows! It is about time, but that it also likely means that Docker will be mentioned continuously in the posts I find. There are also posts about Docker Swarm, Docker Flow, and Kubernetes to round out all things containers. The Google Security Blog talks more about encryption, notifications and email security. Google is really trying to push security and hopefully it really does help the average user. Don’t forget to read about the continuing saga of npm modules with posts on Haney Codes and Rich Harris.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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