Geek Reading March 24, 2016 #1070

Google Cloud Platform leads our day with a few announcements. First, they announced the availability of Cloud Machine Learning. I have not looked deeply into the details, but this is a very interesting idea and is yet another shot at Amazon. They also released Stackdriver, unified monitoring and logging for Google Cloud Platform and AWS. I like the idea of this because they know you will probably have some infrastructure on AWS, but you will look at your logging and monitoring more often. Another interesting article comes from Code as Craft where they basically have a long term cache for any text that gets translated by a third party. It is an interesting look at how a company depends on a third party service but can do some interesting things to improve performance and cost. Also, there is much consternation in the world of npm. Due to some issues with npm, Azer Koçulu decided to unpublish his modules, which ended up breaking a lot of people’s builds. There are several posts related to this and the future of npm.

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