Work With Me

Robert Diana, the author of this blog, is an experienced technical leader. Robert has been working in software development since the mid-90s and has focused on product development for the past decade.

What I do

  • Java-based software and web development – At the most basic level, I have been writing Java based software for what feels like forever.
  • Technical team lead – For the past 10 years (or more), I have been leading technical teams building software products.
  • Product Architect – As an extension of the lead responsibilities, I am a product architect. This goes by many titles, software architect, application architect, solutions architect and many others. The main point is I design and implement software with the help of a team.
  • Mentoring – As a lead, one of the most important jobs is mentoring people on the team. Are you making people on the team better at what they do? Yes, that is really important.
  • Advising – As a lead, you need to advise people and companies on the right directions to take.
  • Making things easier – My focus for many years has been making things easier. Some things are obvious now, like building the Continuous Integration pipeline. If you have an extensible product, what if you made it easier to extend while adding more power to those extensions?
  • Speaking – I have presented at some smaller conferences and the typical internal presentations. One of my strengths is being able to convey technical ideas and benefits to non-technical people.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you have a role that sounds like something I would like, please email me at info[AT] or complete the form below. I will be honest, I am very picky about the roles I pursue 🙂