Me, Robert Diana

I am a dad, friend, software engineer, web developer, social media user, programming geek, avid reader, sports fan, statistics geek, and data geek. I do not care if something is new and shiny. I want to know if it works, if it is better than what I use now, and whether it makes my job or my life easier. Yes, that picture on the left is me, Robert Diana, and is the avatar I use on most social networks.

This blog will be a mixture of things. As a software engineer, technology is at my core, so I may put a technical spin on career or business advice. There will be some posts related to tools, techniques or general programming. Because you can’t read anything on the internet without seeing Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc, I write about social media as well. There will also be commentary on technology news, because everyone has an opinion on things that other people have an opinion about.

Lastly, if you wanted to contact me for any reason, you can email me at info AT regulargeek DOT com, fill out the contact form below or contact me through my Google Profile. You can also find me at the following services:

Twitter – I try to post a few times per day, mostly links to interesting stories and a bit of general commentary.
LinkedIn – I use LinkedIn as my business network, and I try to connect with people that “fit” with my business.
Facebook – I use Facebook but mostly as a personal network. So, if I have met you or we have some history on social media you can find me there.

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