50 Posts and Administrivia

I know 50 posts is like about a week for some established blogs, but it has taken me a bit to get there. My last post announcing YackTrack feeds and an API was the 50th post. Given that I have tried to stay to 2 in depth posts per week, this is a slightly big deal for this blog. As with any blog, I have had good posts and bad posts. The development of YackTrack has also taken some tome away from the blog, but that is OK because it was conversations away from the blog that became the idea for YackTrack.

I would like to thank a few people who have helped along the way. Louis Gray highlighted this blog as a new one to read a little while back. He does this monthly as he finds new blogs that he really likes. If  you do not read his stuff, which you should anyway, at least look at these lists to give some love to the little blogs. Of course, any good thing gets copied and WinExtra.com announced that he will be reviewing one blog per week in the same idea as Louis Gray. These types of blog posts really help out people who are trying to establish a blog. Since some of you are here because of these type of things, I have listed some of my more popular posts for your review:

I also need to thank Sarah Perez (and Marshall Kirkpatrick) of ReadWriteWeb and SarahInTampa.com. She has been my personal PR department for YackTrack, as well as its head cheerleader. For whatever reason, she saw a service she liked even in the first version and she has been praising developments since then. She has also recommended several people to it without any prompting from me. There are also a few other people who tend to bring it up whenever people are talking about conversations and fragmentation, Shey, Corvida and Colin Walker. All three of them have blogs worth reading and I highly recommend them. If you have never heard of YackTrack, and if you are reading this I doubt that, this is the official blog for YackTrack because it was developed by me. So I have listed my posts for each YackTrack announcement and Sarah’s coverage of each:

Lastly, I need to thank my readers and the users of YackTrack. Without the comments from you (yes you, calinazaret and HonestApe) and all of the other people giving me feedback, this would get boring. Obviously, blogging is not about me spewing on some topic, it is about the conversations they generate. If there are topics you want to read about in technology or social media, just let me know and I will see what I can do. They blog has evolved into something with a heavy social media bias, but I still write code for a living so technology is always on my mind. If you are new here welcome aboard! There are some interesting things happening and YackTrack is still young. Let’s see where all of this takes us.

5 thoughts on “50 Posts and Administrivia

  1. I imagine even for those well established and highly busy blog that the first time they hit 50 points was a landmark for them. I know that it was something I was pleased to reach (and it’s not more than a couple of weeks ago). It feels like a genuine demonstrate that the blog isn’t just a flash in the pan.

    Think I’m going to talk about YackTrack myself on my blog this week, and elsewhere, now that I’ve found it and really started to understand its benefits. I think it’s a top class service.


  2. @Robin

    Well, I have had a decent jump in subscribers in the past month, so reintroducing people to what is going on is always a good idea. When I started the blog, I was not really sure whether it would continue very long. I received some good feedback early on, so that kept me going.

    Let me know if you have any questions on yacktrack as I am more than willing to answer. I appreciate the “top class” idea too, I had no idea it was going to be this popular 🙂


  3. @J. Phil
    The thread has an interesting idea that may circumvent a problem I have been having with the shares. I had not thought of searching by title, so I will definitely give it a look. Thanks.


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