Introducing YackTrack Chatter!

So, two and a half weeks ago I announced the release of, a service meant to show the distributed conversations occurring on the internet. The coverage and feedback for the tool have been fantastic so far. Given that there was such a good initial response, I decided to take YackTrack into further development. The next phase of development is now complete in the form of YackTrack Chatter.

What is YackTrack Chatter?

YackTrack Chatter takes conversation tracking in a slightly different direction than the standard URL search. Chatter allows you to enter a keyword or phrase to search. Chatter is not meant to compete with Google, but Google does not typically search social media well. So Chatter’s focus is on social media sites, just like the URL search. A keyword search can yield slightly different results because you are not tracking a story or a blog post. You are tracking mentions of the keyword. I even talked a bit about this in The Twitterization of Customer Service, when Michael Arrington had his problems with Comcast.

So, what does it look like and what does it do? Well, it has its’ own tab on the site named “Chatter”. The interface is very easy to use, just enter a keyword and hit the “Search for Chatter” button. The results will look very similar to the URL search as the general idea is the same. Chatter searches on Mixx, Technorati, Google Blog Search, FriendFeed (and whatever services it decides to return) and most importantly Twitter powered by Summize.

YackTrack Chatter

As you look at the results above, you will see that some slight interface changes have been added. It gives the sight a cleaner feel, so hopefully you like the new look. Otherwise, the interface is basically the same as the URL search. Keyword results are listed within their reporting services.

Any Other Changes?

Yes, there is more! You will also notice that FriendFeed results are now listed with the actual service that generated the result. This allows for a better viewing experience if there is a lot of information. I have also added Google Blog search and Blogger/Blogspot searches to the standard URL search. This gives a more complete search when tracking a blog post.

Hopefully, everyone likes the new Chatter service as much as they liked the original YackTrack service. More importantly, I hope this gives everyone a good idea on what features they want in the service. I know that blog plugins are a big request as well as saving URLs. Now is your chance, what else do you want?

2 thoughts on “Introducing YackTrack Chatter!

  1. Perhaps I’m relinquishing my “early adopter” button by saying this, but I think I’ll wait on yacktrack for the time being to see how it’s developed I’m getting disillusioned with services that pop up, seem great, then lose support and stop being developed.

    Maybe do a follow up in a couple weeks?


  2. @calinazaret
    Well, Yacktrack is not a service that everyone would use. You would either want to track a particular blog post, or a particular keyword or company name. That is definitely not for everyone.


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