Geek Reading May 26, 2016 #1114

We start our day with a report on re/code about Microsoft giving up on consumer smartphones. Part of this is the impending layoffs of about 2000 jobs. Stratechery talks about the curse of culture and how it affects your business. Culture is a frequent topic here because it affects everything at your job, how coworkers collaborate or not, how sales are won or not, and who gets rewarded or not. Johanna Rothman has an excellent post on when Agile is wrong for you. Most of the post seems like common sense, but there are too many companies that still focus on the wrong things when “going agile”. Atlassian announced BitBucket Pipelines, so you can now have continuous delivery right inside of BitBucket. It looks like this might be replacing some of their cloud CI products, but that is not entirely clear yet.

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