Geek Reading February 16, 2016 #1043

There was not much news yesterday, but there were plenty of good articles. First, at Cambridge Coding we have a presentation on a “gentle and structured” introduction to machine learning. I like these types of presentations because people unfamiliar with the field can get a high level overview of what is going on and it helps others stay current on what to look at. On DZone, we get a post about the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. Kafka is described as a high-throughput, distributed, pub-sub messaging system or in simpler terms, a distributed commit log. More importantly, it is getting a lot of traction for high performance messaging. Lastly, another DZone article is worth highlighting about plugging in your own components in Java8. For people writing extensible software, this type of article is a huge part of what they need to know.

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