Geek Reading February 15, 2016 #1042

Today we have an odd collection of articles. First, Amazon posted resources for migrating Parse applications to AWS. With all of the hype surrounding the shutdown, I am surprised it took this long for them to post something like this. Pinterest talks about their internal deployment system, Teletraan. This is important mainly because they plan on open-sourcing the system later this year. Flowing Data gives us a very interesting visualization about which professions marry which professions. It is very interesting to explore the relationships of the various careers in this way.

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Startups, Career and Process

Design and Development

Concurrency, Performance and Scalability

AI, Machine Learning, Research and Advanced Algorithms

Big Data, Visualization, SQL and NoSQL

Infrastructure, Operations and DevOps

Security, Encryption and Cryptography

IaaS, PaaS, Saas and *aas

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