8 Years And Still Going

Somehow, this blog made it to 8 years old without me killing it out of boredom or lack of time. I do enjoy writing, regardless of how little time I have for it right now. As with every birthday post, I hold out hope that I will start writing technical and opinion posts again in addition to the links I post daily. Thankfully, I have received good feedback on the format of the links posts and I have started writing a short amount based on those links. At least I did change the format for more easily digestible viewing 🙂 I will admit that I love finding new writers and interesting content that I can share with everyone. If I don’t learn something new from a post, maybe someone else will.

This year, I do have some interesting statistics to share. Since I have started tracking analytics, which was very early in the life of this blog, the blog has received over 1 million pageviews. This is fairly significant for a “small” technical blog, and it still amazes me that so many people actually read what appears here. Akismet has also blocked nearly 100,000 spam comments, which I am thankful for as well. There are also over 3000 comments from various people as well, spread over a small number of posts but I still find it interesting.

Thank you to all of the readers of this blog, as you make this process so much more interesting. I hope that I can create more and better content for you in the future!