Geek Reading July 8, 2015

Leading today is a post by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent. She really talks about asking the right questions, continuing to ask why. I have been known to annoy my coworkers with lots of questions about why code was written in a particular manner to solve a problem. For me it is more about understanding what the intent of the code is and whether it really solves the problem at hand. There are also several good articles about startups and process today. Johanna Rothman, Atlassian and Building Real Software talk about product owners, product managers and development managers. The NY Times presents a light piece on startups with a large number (<10) of angel investors, and Backchannel has an interesting read on the tech press and how they influence the narrative on various startups.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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