The RSS Feed Has Moved To a New Home

I just wanted to let everyone know that the RSS feed has moved to a new home on Google. You can now find the feed at The old FeedBurner feed location will still work for a long while, but you should switch to the new location anyway. I apologize for any problems that we may have over the next few days as any changes like this normally have some sort of problems.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “The RSS Feed Has Moved To a New Home

  1. It would be very cool if Google Reader would automatically update feeds as they move from to

    Have you considered making your feed be from a URL, to avoid any such issue in the future?


  2. @DGentry
    Funny you mention making my feed a RegularGeek url. I had actually planned on doing this prior to the feed being moved, but I just forgot about doing it. Thankfully, the old feed address will be forwarding to the new address for quite some time I believe.


  3. @Daniel,
    My understanding is that nothing will break right now. I am not sure how long the old feedburner feed will redirect though.


  4. Rob – Went thru this last week as well. Wanted to play with adsense for feeds just out of curiousity. The totally weird part is Google migrated my old Feedburner account to an address instead of my gmail. Funny 🙂


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