FriendFeed Fixes I Do Not Want To Beg For

I use FriendFeed every day, and I check in every hour or so to see what is going on. In the blogosphere, or at least the part that I listen to, Friday seems to be “post on FriendFeed day”. I have tried to avoid this kind of topic, but there are several things I would like to see that could make my experience much better. Granted, this is completely self-serving, but if you look at the FriendFeed Feedback room you will see that I am not the only person requesting some of these.

  • Language filters – As you connect with more people, your tendency to find people that speak languages other than yours increases. I do not have a problem with this, as you never know where content may come from, but I do not read any Slavic or East Asian languages. Can I filter those out please? I know this is like the holy grail for an aggregation system, but it would be so cool.
  • Hide a specific blog from a user – I have no problem with people sharing whatever activity they want, but at least give me the option to hide it. Specifically, if a site is not “supported” by FriendFeed, then the only way to import the activity is through an RSS feed. As much as I like some of the information, I want to be able to hide some of these especially because it is impossible to officially support everything.
  • Do not reload the page after subscribing to someone – If I am reading a post and associated comments, I tend to subscribe to people that have something interesting to say. If I subscribe to them, the entire page reloads and I lose all context. This is damn frustrating as I probably wanted to comment as well. Obviously, this is not a huge deal, but it should not be that hard to fix either.
  • Canonicalize shares – I am not sure if canonicalize is a word, but making sure that shares of a particular URL are actually pointing to the same thing would be immensely helpful. For example, Google Reader almost always shares the FeedBurner URL, not the target blog post URL. A simple HEAD request will give you the true URL, and then we can map that back to all of the other shares. You already did this with traditional blog RSS feeds, why not do it with other services too. As a bonus, this would give you the infrastructure to minimize duplication or at least group stuff together.
  • More options on the comments – This is a bucket of stuff I would like for comments. First, where did the comment go to? Basically, you have the “via” for the application that was used to post the comment, but for Twitter we have no way of knowing whether the comment was only on FriendFeed or was posted back to Twitter. Liking comments would be a really cool idea as well. People are using likes almost as bookmarks (favorites could fix that too), and some of the comments are just as good as the shares. Threading the comments would be nice too, but definitely not as big as the other items on this list.
  • [UPDATE] User Groups – Thanks to Bill Sanders for reminding me of this one! User groups would be an excellent top level feature. I do not want to create private rooms to do this kind of thing as that is awkward at best. User groups is probably the most important feature on this list, and likely not one that is incredibly hard.

I know a lot of this may not be the easiest thing to do, but it would be so helpful. In addition, make all of this available through the API too. There are too many applications built on top of FriendFeed now, that anything you add should go into the API immediately. Otherwise, once you add it someone is probably going to ask for it in the API.

Oh, and if you do this soon I would be very happy. Mainly, I do not want to beg, but if I have to I will 🙂

10 thoughts on “FriendFeed Fixes I Do Not Want To Beg For

  1. @Shey, actually, I have been begging for some of these for a while now.

    @Mark, the hide a specific blog would be a huge feature for me. It really allows you to make specific people an information filter for a given service.


  2. Great list. I would also like to see the ability to filter by groups (similar to the new Facebook feature) so I can focus on the data exhaust from “Social Media Thought Leaders,” “Personal Friends,” “Work Friends,” or “Other Motorcycle Nuts,” depending on my mood. 😉


  3. @Mike, thanks for the recommendation of the filters addon. I tend to use as few addons as possible, so some of my requests could be resolved with an addon. As a developer, I keep addons/toolbars specific to my job.


  4. I would like to echo the redundancy reduction request. Socialmedian has a nice handle on this as does Digg. So I’ll say it again, please, please stop the duplication! Don’t make me repeat this.


  5. @NiceFishFilms, in the defense of FriendFeed, they have a different problem than Digg or SocialMedian. Those sites get submitted the actual URLs of the posts. FriendFeed typically gets an RSS link like a FeedBurner proxy URL or the same equivalent in Google Reader. The problem can definitely be solved, it just is not easy.


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