Geek Reading March 9, 2015

TechCrunch has a great post on the “hidden” cofounders, basically significant others. More interestingly, TechCrunch has had a roll of insightful posts lately in addition to the pile of tech “news”. In other stories, Pinterest tells us a little about how they scale some parts of their infrastructure. Seeing how sites scale things is always… Read More Geek Reading March 9, 2015

Geek Reading March 6, 2015

Leading us off is a joint venture between two behemoths. Google and Microsoft are working together regarding Angular2 and TypeScript. Seth Godin gives us something interesting to think about in his post regarding the asymmetry of decay. Northwestern University brings us another interesting topic, where they found that creative genius is driven by distraction. As… Read More Geek Reading March 6, 2015