Geek Reading April 7, 2016 #1079

Today we are going to focus on the career. At The Codist, we are told a story about regret in a career. This is an interesting perspective of someone that has been a programmer for a very long time, had opportunities to really get into technical leadership, but never took a full leap into it. The regret is seeing others in similar situations become wildly successful. As someone who has looked at these same choices, comparing yourself to others is never a good idea as there are circumstances that can change the situation greatly. Who really knows whether a particular management opportunity will lead to great success? On DZone Agile, we get a discussion about the differences between junior and senior developers. What is the difference and how can we help people progress from junior to senior? One last post for today is from synk, where they talk about exploiting Buffer, a significant part of Node. Basically, if you write code, expect there to be vulnerabilities somewhere.

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