Geek Reading March 2, 2016 #1054

Today we go a little old school. First, at the ACM we get a story from Andrew Tanenbaum about lessons learned from 30 years of MINIX. If you are an older computer science major, you probably remember taking an Operating Systems class and trying to change parts of MINIX. On <re/code>, we have reporting on the latest Turing Award. This is important for two reasons, first it was awarded based on the development of cryptography and it goes to two old engineers, Diffie and Hellman. There are also a pile of security articles today. The Next Web reports on two issues. First, we get the DROWN attack. Second, they report on how a hacker got access to 27M passwords from another dating site.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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