Geek Reading November 17, 2015

Leading our day is a post on Conversation Agent, where Valeria Maltoni talks about what happens when technology fails to fade into the background. The post focuses on many healthcare systems, which can be amazingly bad, but every application needs to look at their user experience and design. Simplicity is hard, but it makes user tasks much better. Gil Zilberfeld has an excellent post on the power of safety. Granted, he talks in the context of speaking at a conference, but if people feel safe in a job (specifically, no fear of failure) then they can do some amazing things. Just in case you were feeling safe, Motherboard brings us an article about how customized boarding passes allow people to hack computers. Some examples were automatically launching a shell on the computer that was scanning the boarding pass. I am not sure how much damage could be done, but it does show that ALL inputs should be sanitized and validated.

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