Geek Reading October 16, 2015

Yes, you get a double dose of geek reading today, thanks to my terrible short term memory.

In the “other stuff” category, we have two very interesting posts. First, Dilbert (yes, the comic) has an excellent way to start your day. Anyone who writes typical software will know how that feels. Next, TechCrunch reports on the announcement of Paper from Dropbox. I am not sure if it is really a Google Docs competitor or trying for a different user segment, but it is definitely something to watch. For startups, Paul Graham has an excellent post on whether your startup is alive or dead based on your cash flow. As always, it is a very good read. Lastly, for all of the developers that write unit tests, the Atlassian blog has an open letter from an @ignored test. You know you have done this and probably have a few @ignored tests in your code right now.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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