Geek Reading April 1, 2015

Amazon announced new “dense-storage” instances for EC2. This is not huge news but interesting in terms of trends. For the longest time, the big difference has been CPU or memory. Google Online Security talks about getting rid of unwanted ad injectors. These are terribly annoying and can really make a browser unusable in some cases. The NETRESEC blog talks about the GitHub DDoS attack as a “man-on-the-side”. Definitely an interesting read if you are fascinated by that kind of thing.

I do have one minor note regarding April Fools day. I believe all of the linked articles are true, tomorrow may be harder to determine as many sites will be posting “jokes” as serious news. Hopefully I will not link to one of those here, but I offer my apologies in advance if I do.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

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