Geek Reading March 4, 2015

Two stories popped into my feed today which are very interesting. First, TechCrunch brings us a post about the Stratos card, one of those universal payment cards. Watch the video on the post as well, the usage pattern looks really interesting. The other post comes from Edward Chang and his experience with Coin, one of the earlier and heavily-hyped payment cards. Granted this experience was only a beta, but with Stratos shipping this Spring, Coin is likely looking at what happens with great concern. Another two stories are somewhat linked as well. First, Paul Hammant lets us know about Perforce releasing its take on DVCS. I had no idea that Perforce still existed and I am glad to have another option. The other story is on bitquabit about a DVCS-lover apologizing and telling people that DVCS does not fit for all uses. My understanding is that a crowd has formed around his blog demanding he return his geek card 🙂

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