Geek Reading February 16, 2015

The first bit of interesting news came on Friday when Google announced it was shutting down Helpouts. This is interesting because the idea of expert video chat is gaining some traction in some places, but possibly not good enough for google-scale. LinkedIn talks about real-time distributed tracing. Ayende @ Rahien continues to look at the search facet performance in RavenDB. I will share a lot of information on search and faceting because users have started to require this type of feature in a lot of applications. Developers do not know nearly enough about this area.

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  1. Just FYI, the guy at objects to all the utm_* cruft like ?utm_content=buffer98e74&utm_medium=social& on the expanded bitly URLs and serves up stochastic gibberish in place of the actual article you intend to link to.


    1. Wow, that is terribly annoying. It looks like most of the content in the post just jumbled together. That is one less site I get to link to. Thanks for the heads up.


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