Geek Reading January 9, 2015

Career stagnation is a threat for a lot of developers, and my favorite recruiter has some good advice at Job Tips For Geeks. If you like math and Alan Turing, there is an interesting post about some of his work when he was only 15. Lastly, make sure you check out the link collections at the bottom of every post. I can’t find everything worth sharing and those collections really help fill in some gaps.

Enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on these sites.

Career and Process


Concurrency, Performance and Scalability

AI, Machine Learning, Research and Advanced Algorithms

Big Data, Visualization, SQL and NoSQL

Security, Encryption and Cryptography

IaaS, PaaS and Saas

Other stuff

Link Collections

2 thoughts on “Geek Reading January 9, 2015

  1. Robert, just a quick note to say I like this new format (i.e. the categories). I’ve been following your blog for a while now and while I know it’s more work, but this layout is much easier to scan and read…

    Thanks and thanks for the great links!


    1. Greg

      Thanks for letting me know, I always appreciate the feedback. Once I was able to script some things, it was not that bad 🙂 Of course, now I want to add features to my script.


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