Happy 5th Birthday To Regular Geek

I can’t believe I made it to 5 years and there are a few thousand people that read this blog. The whole journey has been a bit surreal at times, but it has definitely been interesting. I know that the original content has slowed a lot, but now you see a lot of what I feel is newsworthy or at least geekworthy. I do hope to pick up the blogging pace again in 2013, so definitely stay tuned.

The top 10 posts  written this year were:

  1. Traditional Programming Language Job Trends – February 2012
  2. Web And Scripting Programming Language Job Trends – February 2012
  3. Review Of The 9 Programming Languages To Watch In 2011
  4. Why Should You Become A Software Engineer
  5. The Benefits And Challenges Of Internal Social Networking
  6. Mobile Development Job Trends – February 2012
  7. Web And Scripting Programming Language Job Trends – August 2012
  8. Traditional Programming Language Job Trends – August 2012
  9. YackTrack Will Be Shutting Down
  10. NoSQL Job Trends – February 2012

As you can see, the job trends posts continue to be very popular. I have not written much about social media, and the one social post is actually a guest contribution. This is mostly due to my focus on more technical content, but also my general lack of enthusiasm with the changes in social media. I would expect this trend to continue next year as well.

One important post this year was my announcement about shutting down YackTrack. Sadly, I had no time to work on it and I felt it was better to just shut it down than to let it sit there without any attention. I am thinking about rebooting YackTrack, but it will definitely be different than a typical social media monitor. I am not sure if there will be other side projects as my day job tends to be fairly busy. If there are other projects, I would expect them to be much smaller in scope.

Other popular posts from previous years:

This year, I decided to skip the statistics about my writing or subscriber stats. One thing has changed significantly, the social landscape. Google Buzz is gone, Google Reader will probably be killed, and Google+ is growing. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow steadily. Interestingly, much of the referral traffic is coming from programming specific sites like theserverside.com, javacodegeeks.com, stackoverflow.com and highscalability.com. This is definitely different than last year, even though typical social sites like Facebook and Twitter are still significant sources of traffic.

As always, thank you for your continued reading and social sharing. Please let me know if there are topics you think I should write about. Hopefully, this blog will continue to be useful to you.

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7 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday To Regular Geek

  1. Well, look at that. No sooner do I get a mail from Memolane including a tweet from a year ago about your 4th blog birthday that I see this in Reader.

    I think your curation posts are having a lot to do with the change in referrals – you always put such a great and diverse range in them (thanks for always supporting my posts).

    Keep up the good work and here’s to the next 5 years.


    1. The change in referrals is actually based on different topics being shared. Some of my technical stuff gets thrown onto other sites, but does not do as well on Twitter and Facebook. The curation posts may change a bit this year as well. A simple list is boring, I just need time to spice it up a bit. I always include interesting content and feel that a broad topic base keeps your mind open. Your inclusion is due to the fact that you are one of the last bloggers writing interesting insights on social media. Most people, including myself, have moved to different topics or stopped blogging entirely.


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