Smartphone Versus Tablet – Which Device Suits My Needs Best?

This is a guest post from Rob Clymo.

There are many different smartphone and tablet computer devices currently on the market, and it’s perhaps this huge choice that can make buying one quite a tricky process to pick your way through. Now that many of these gadgets can essentially do the same thing, it can be bewildering deciding on the one to go for.

The way forward

In fact, just deciding between a smartphone and a tablet when it comes to meeting your needs can be difficult. While the smartphone is small and portable, the humble tablet isn’t much bigger and most are much lighter then laptops or netbooks ever were.

All you need to do is look at a couple of examples to see that there isn’t much to differentiate between the two. The Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 is a recently revised tablet device that has been released and is already proving popular with tablet fans. It comes running the Google Android operating system, and is powered by a dual core processor. Added to that, the screen is excellent and battery life is solid and dependable too.

Meanwhile, a smartphone like the HTC Sensation is similarly impressive, but this is a handset that is obviously smaller than a tablet and therefore easy to keep on you when you’re out and about. The downside with smartphones is the fact that screens and keyboards are invariably smaller. However, in the case of the Sensation, there’s actually a 4.3-inch touchscreen that does a pretty good job of helping you through most of your chores.

More power

Adding to the appeal of a smartphone like the Sensation is the fact that it is also dual core, with a 1.2GHz processor. There are also plenty of other beefy technical specifications, while the camera is an excellent 8-megapixel offering. Which is where the dilemma can creep in, because many people wonder if one is better than the other.

Making that decision essentially revolves around what you’re going to be doing with your gadget or gizmo. For business people who need to stay productive on the move, a tablet is probably one of the better ways to go simply because you get that extra screen real estate to play with. Typing emails and posting social networking updates on a smartphone is easy, but try writing a long letter or something similar and you’ll soon see how cumbersome that is.

Difficult decisions

When it comes to multimedia needs though, this is rather more tricky to decide upon, because while the Galaxy Tab has all of the tools needed to enjoy an excellent movie, TV or audio experience in transit, the Sensation also comes armed with a raft of tools crammed inside its delicious little chassis.

Indeed, that crystal clear screen is more than capable of giving you a decent movie playback, there’s the benefit of full HD camcorder technology on-board, while you can also edit footage on the move thanks to built in software tools. You can even hook up to a Wi-Fi printer in order to printout pictures and other documents, no matter what the location.

So, to round it all up, the differences appear to be few and the temptation to get both might seem overwhelming. In that respect, mobile networks are already catching on to that, and many are now offering smartphone and tablet bundle deals. It may cost a little more, but, if you really can’t do without either, then perhaps it’s time to get both!

This is a guest post from Rob Clymo. Rob writes for Broadband Genie, the comparison site for smartphones and iPad deals in the UK.

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