Getting Your HTML5 Fix: HTML5 At DZone

Some of you reading this post will know that many of my blog posts are syndicated at Some of you are probably asking one of two questions:

  1. Your blog content can be syndicated to a site like DZone?
  2. What is DZone?

First, blog content all over the world is syndicated to other sites, even the New York Times and Washington Post do it. DZone has several blogs that they syndicate including The second question is more blasphemy in the development community. For many Java developers, Javalobby was the required reading site. Some time ago, Javalobby became the Java Zone at DZone. DZone has a bunch of other zones as well, like the Agile Zone, Web Builder Zone and Architects Zone.

I read a ton of content every day, and I pull several feeds from DZone. So, it came as a good surprise that DZone was launching an HTML5 Microzone. Again, you probably have two questions:

  1. What is a Microzone?
  2. Why is an HTML5 Microzone a good thing?

A Microzone is an area of DZone that does not quite warrant a full subsite yet. There are other cool Microzones, like DevOps and Solr-Lucene. Microzones are interesting because it allows you to find interesting topical content that may get lost in one of the bigger zones like Javalobby.

The HTML5 Microzone is a very cool addition because it is the hottest development area, and it is receiving a lot of coverage. The problem with HTML5 is that it does not fit cleanly with typical delineations of content. HTML5 is a conglomeration of new HTML tags, JavaScript APIs and CSS3 improvements. There is also the benefit that HTML5 is more mobile-friendly due to the combination of these new specifications, so there is a lot of hype regarding HTML5 on smartphones.

So, if you are looking to find good content on HTML5 technologies, take a look at the HTML5 Microzone at DZone. And maybe you will see some RegularGeek content there too.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Your HTML5 Fix: HTML5 At DZone

  1. Great tip, Rob! It really helps to understand that the “Zones” like Javalobby and Web Builder Zone are broad topical portals, whereas the HTML5 Zone or the Windows Phone 7 Zone will focus on narrower topics.


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