RegularGeek Most Talked About Posts of 2009

Last year, I wrote about the ten most talked about posts of 2008 on this blog, and I figured it would be a good idea again for 2009. This list contains the posts with the most number of comments. Some of these are the same as those with the most page views, but some are not. So, please take a look at these posts that you may have missed. One minor point is that last year’s list only had 3 posts with more than 20 comments. As you can see below, the conversation has increased in the past year, which is a good sign for growth. Another neat tidbit is that the top post is currently on the top 15 posts of the past 365 days in the Digg Programming section. You will notice that the list has 17 posts. This is because there is a tie for #15, and I could not find a clean breaking point for 20.

  1. (152) What Programming Language Should I Learn?
  2. (37) Sorry Twitter, Facebook Is The Data Gold Mine
  3. (30) Like It Or Not, Twitter Is Becoming Infrastructure
  4. (29) Subscriber Counts Now Mean Nothing
  5. (27) Why Did Intuit Buy Mint?
  6. (26) Yet Another Call For A Federated Twitter
  7. (24) Is The Real Time Web A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
  8. (24) RSS Is Not Dead, It Has A Usability Problem
  9. (24) Are We Following The Wrong People?
  10. (23) FriendFeed Is Getting Ripped Off
  11. (21) Google Makes A Bid To Control The Internet
  12. (21) RSS, Human Filters And Real Time Streams
  13. (19) Twitter Biting The Hand That Feeds It
  14. (17) Has Google Gone Evil?
  15. (16) Why Did Facebook Buy FriendFeed?
  16. (16) Google Wave Redefines The Rules
  17. (16) Status Updates Are Not Conversation

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