Happy 2nd Birthday Regular Geek

It was two years ago today that I started this blog and it feels like ages ago. I am not sure if year 2 was more interesting than year 1, but the blog has been a lot of fun. Also of note, this is post 299, so in a few days I will be at 300 posts as well. So, what were the top 10 posts for this year?

  1. What Programming Language Should I Learn (This post was almost 50% of all traffic this year)
  2. 8 Sites To Help You Find The Perfect Product
  3. Why Did Intuit Buy Mint
  4. Sorry Twitter, Facebook Is The Data Gold Mine
  5. Tools For Unit Testing Java Web Applications
  6. Why Do You Write Code
  7. What Programming Languages Do Jobs Require
  8. The Social Network Business Plan, Strategies From David Silver
  9. FriendFeed Is Getting Ripped Off
  10. Status Updates Are Not Conversation

Three posts from 2008 had a very strong showing this year as well:

Obviously, the question is how are we doing now and how does that compare to last year. For the basic blog statistics, last year my posts were fairly long compared to what pro-bloggers say you should do:

  • Months Blogging: 12
  • Posts Per Month: 12
  • Words Per Post: 697
  • Total Words In Posts: 90672

My total statistics at the end of year two show that I did not learn my lesson and actually wrote much longer posts:

  • Months Blogging: 24
  • Posts Per Month: 12.4 (154 posts this year)
  • Words Per Post: 777 (914 words per post this year)
  • Total Words In Posts: 231402 (140,730 words this year)

The other side of the blog statistic picture is the external statistics. Last year, the blog had some nice growth and decent subscriber numbers:

This year things have changed dramatically due to some changes in these services. Technorati changed their authority numbers as well as how they rank blogs. Now, the Technorati numbers are more of a relative score compared to the top blogs. Feedburner started to include FriendFeed subscribers in their counts, so those numbers look wildly different as well:

  • Technorati Authority: 518 (613 in Info Tech)
  • Technorati Rank: 4100 (99 in Info Tech)
  • Feedburner: 3800 subscriptions (1705 from FriendFeed, so about 2100 compared to last year)
  • Google Page Rank: 5

Obviously, the blog has grown considerably and I have all of you to thank. Several of the readers here share links on Google Reader and Twitter heavily, and that has really spurred the continued growth of the blog. Thank you to all of you. I also make no promises about what will happen next year either, so no promises of more programming or less programming. I will also not make promises about making my posts shorter, I have long ago given up the fight against verbosity. You will have to live with me taking 400 words to get to the point of the post for a while longer šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Regular Geek

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for the kind words. It does take a significant effort to keep the blog going for 2 years without a major break. Thankfully, this is a lot of fun, so it does not feel like work.


  2. Congrats Rob – this is easily one of my favorite blogs. You’re a throwback to the old school technology bloggers: no cheesy topics, excellent content, and always a passion for what you say. I’m a fan šŸ™‚


  3. Eric

    I get up really early in the morning šŸ™‚ Thankfully, many of the posts I write do not take that long. Thanks for the congrats and good luck in your new gig.


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