Last Chance To Donate To DonorsChoose

I have been slacking on my updates on the progress and it is almost too late. The Social Media Challenge ends this weekend. This is your last chance to donate to the cause! Go to the RegularGeek giving page and throw in a $10 donation or whatever you can afford.

If you go to the Giving Page, on the right side you will see the impact our donations make. Currently, we have donated $212 and helped 420 students. I am very thankful that you have decided to help, but this is the last chance to donate in the challenge.  At this point, we are tied for 11th place in the tech blogs, and I would like to move up a few spots. However, this is not about how we finish in the standings, it is about helping children in lower income schools.

So, if you can find a way to donate a few dollars, go to the giving page and find a project to support. If you don’t like the projects I have chosen, feel free to donate to any project. The donation is the important part.

Thank you all for your support.

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