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Throughout your life you meet people. Some people make a difference in your life and sometimes you make a difference in someone else’s life. Today, I am asking for your assistance in helping others. I have started a “Giving Page” for this blog on The idea is that if we help schools, then we help our future leaders. In this case, you are helping those teachers in areas without a lot of money. You never know where the next leader is going to  come from. In the case of this blog, I am focusing on helping schools in Pennsylvania, my home state. So, by donating to a project on my Giving Page, you are possibly helping teachers in Philadelphia, Allentown, Pottstown or other areas in need.

This Giving Page is part of the Social Media Challenge on You may be familiar with the Social Media Challenge or through blog posts from people like Fred Wilson. Obviously, he has many more readers than I do, but I am not trying to challenge him. I am challenging you. I have chosen 3 projects that have asked for a total of $1000. My challenge to you is to meet that number and force me to find other projects to support.

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