YackTrack Now Sends Email Notifications

I am sure that many regular readers of this blog are wondering what happened to YackTrack. Well, nothing really happened to it, except that I have been trying to implement the newest feature, email notifications!

Yacktrack Notification Settings
Yacktrack Notification Settings

Now you can log into your account and configure three settings. First, your email address must be a valid email account. If not, then obviously you will not receive any emails. Your email notification format is a default setting for your account and can be either Text or HTML. There are also settings for the notification frequency for your chatter queries and your blogs . You can receive email notifications when we see changes, the “Instant” option, or as part of a daily email, the “Daily” option. The recommended settings are to receive HTML emails with “Instant” notifications for your chatter queries, and daily digests for your blog posts.

Your chatter queries and blogs also have the same notification settings so that you can get different notifications for different queries if you wanted. At this time, you will need to change your account settings for the notifications as well as go to your queries and blogs and make the notification changes. This was done due to the fact that a majority of users only have 1 or 2 chatter queries and blogs that they follow.

I apologize for the lack of status regarding YackTrack, and I would love to know what type of information you would like to hear about. I know I tend to post status only when new features are being released, and for many of you that may not be enough. If you would like to see more information from or about YackTrack, please let me know or send an email to support@yacktrack.com.

Lastly, if you have any requests for new features or other general feedback, please do not hesitate to send support@yacktrack.com an email. I always love hearing from YackTrack’s users.

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