I Love You Google Reader, But We Have Some Issues

As I have said several times before, I am an information addict. I have Google Reader open all day, and FriendFeed open most of the day (except when I really need to get work done). I must admit that I love you Google Reader. However, there are a few issues we need to work on. I am not suggesting counseling, but we definitely need to talk.

First, I like the new social features, but I feel like they came with strings attached. I have finally started to use “Likes” as it is getting more comfortable for me and I have seen more usage of them from other people as well. The comments are really interesting, but this is where our relationship starts to break down. Why do I have to put people into groups? Maybe I am OK with you wanting to control things, but I am not OK with someone else controlling our relationship.

Google Contacts seems like a dumping ground for anyone that has ever had any sort of contact with you. It is seriously high maintenance, and I am not a fan of high maintenance. I know you think you are doing what is best for us, but introducing me to your ugly friend and wanting me to date her too? I am not sure if that is going to work out, because I am not into that kind of relationship.

But now you tell me I have to date Google Contacts too, or I can not talk to my old sharing friends or new ones? What is that about? It seems a little passive-aggressive to me. I mean, you really want to give me this cool new stuff, but maybe you are not really ready for the full commitment. You better not ask me if you can date my old friend GMail, because that is where I draw the line.

And another thing, if you want me to put people into nice little groups, then why can I not see the groups in Google Reader? I understand you want to control things in our relationship more, but making me do something and not letting me see it when I am done? That just seems kind of strange. I did all of this work, and for some reason I have to go to Google Contacts to see it? Why not just show me the groups when I see you? You show me all of those people in the “people you follow” section, why not just show the groups there? Maybe that helps you work out the relationship with your Google Contacts friend?

I don’t know about all of this. All of this control that I have to give you makes me think you have some real issues. Do your parents not like us seeing each other? You know I love you, but I am not ready to go all “Romeo and Juliet” over this.

(My apologies to Louis Gray and his Facebook/FriendFeed post. I believe he planted an idea in my head, and I did not realize it.)

8 thoughts on “I Love You Google Reader, But We Have Some Issues

  1. Nice post. You see there are more than one Reader out there. I have never been such a fan of the GReader but since I found the Favit Reader I feel much better and manage my stream more efficiently. Try it favit.com it’s worth it.


  2. You missed one:

    The lack of an API to access the number of items and/or users that have “Liked”, “Shared”, and commented on a piece.

    That’s been my only major gripe since they first featured “Share” and had the “Star” option.



  3. Kyle

    I did mention the lack of an API in my “More Serious Look” post. It is definitely a critical feature now.


  4. Kyle,

    Really? You weren’t a subscriber? I just assumed you were because you are a fairly regular commenter. In any case, welcome aboard!


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