YAGP: Imitation Of Success Does Not Guarantee Success

Yes, I have another guest post. This time it is not on Mashable or LouisGray.com. You can see the guest post on SearchEngineJournal! Many thanks to Ann Smarty for helping me get a guest spot. The following is a short excerpt from the post.

By now you have seen the various articles regarding Facebook’s homepage redesign. If not, go take the tour to see what is coming. As you can see, Facebook has copied some of the most loved features from both FriendFeed and Twitter.

Facebook may be a massive social network, but it wants to be the main destination where you spend your time on the internet. There are a few problems with this. First, they may have copied the popular features of other social sites, but they did not realize why they are successful.

To read more of the post, please head over to SearchEngineJournal! If you want to read more stuff written by me that is not on this blog, take a look at LouisGray.com.

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