As a Developer, Who Should You Follow?

As a software engineer playing in the social media space, I try to find various developer-types on the service of the day. There are blogs you should be reading and people on Twitter to follow. The problem is that it is always hard to determine who you should be following. As a blogger, some days you wonder whether people are reading what you write. On Twitter, the feeling is even greater as most tweets tend to go unanswered.

So, when I find someone who does a nice job of creating such lists, I get interested. I get even more interested (and surprised) when I happen to be on those lists. Jurgen Appelo has put together two lists. The first list is his top 100 blogs for developers. This list has the usual suspects as well as a few surprises. One major surprise is that I am #41 on the list. I like to think that people read this blog for the technical content, but I know most of my content is related to social media as well. To be on this list with some developers that I highly respect is very cool.

The second list is the Twitter top 100 for software developers. Many of the names on the blog list appear on the Twitter list as well. Shockingly, I am also on the Twitter list at #88. I am not sure how I am on this list as I do not really tweet that much or in any particular direction. Given my new ranking I will try to give you something useful on Twitter as well as here on this blog.

Many thanks to Jurgen for including me on his lists, and hopefully I can live up to these new expectations.

6 thoughts on “As a Developer, Who Should You Follow?

  1. Congrats, Rob! It’s nice to have lists like this to help find others with similar interests.

    Some times when I’m in the mood to build a new list on FriendFeed I think of the few people who most embody the topic I’m interested in and then I scan their recent history looking for relevant “likes”.

    For instance, when Hutch Carpenter likes an E2.0 article from another FriendFeeder that’s a good clue that I might want to put ’em on my E2.0 list.


  2. What a great post, short, to the point, wonderfully honest & beautifully insightful.

    Having been using twitter,, blogging etc for over a year now I still struggle to find software/application developers in the finacial world, online in a social capacity. This I find odd as web 2.0 tools have been around for a decade used by developers and picked up recently by marketers. But – It’s getting better everyday thanks to articles like this


  3. Daniel,

    On FriendFeed the process is definitely easier because you can see who is commenting or liking the same content as you or other people. I have been using that method since the summer and it works great.


  4. tablewhite,

    Thanks for the kind words, but Jurgen Appelo is the person to thank. I was happy to see the list as well because software developers are not the people that gain tons of popularity or followers. This makes them hard to find sometimes.


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