Just Some Minor YackTrack Tweaking

If you go to YackTrack.com today, you might notice some minor differences. First, if you are not logged on to YackTrack, you will no longer see the Dashboard tab. I did not like the idea of a tab that did nothing and just redirecting you to the Login page. It just felt awkward to me. Since I am making a push towards better usability and a better overall design, I figured the Dashboard should only appear when the user is authenticated. In order to make it obvious that running a query can be saved, you will now see a nice reminder to register or login if you are not authenticated.

Register or Login to save

This also makes it a little more obvious to those people who are not registered, that there is some benefit to registering. The other user interface changes are all regarding authentication. So, if you click the login, register or change password links, you now get a modal dialog instead of the nasty page-based form. I figured that these changes are fairly minor from the user experience perspective and did not require some big redesign release. The other benefit of using the modal dialog is that it will refresh the page you were on. So, if you had just searched for something, the results will be refreshed and you have the nice save link at the top of the results. Again, this is a minor tweak, but I think it makes a difference.

In addition to the user interface tweaks, I have added support for Reddit and partial support for Google Reader for all URL searches. I am still trying to determine the best way to integrate Google Reader, but for now the Google Reader support uses the RSSmeme API to gather the shared notes.

As usual, if you have any requests, suggestions or problems, just let me know. You can find me on Twitter, or the YackTrack Twitter account, or the GetSatisfaction forum.