YAGP: Blogging’s Future and Administrivia

Yes, it is that time again. I have another guest post at LouisGray.com. I would also like to announce that I will not be announcing guest posts at LouisGray.com anymore. I have been “given the keys” as Louis likes to say and will be an irregular contributor on the site. I say irregular because I will only post something there when I have something to say. As you know from reading this site, I do not post on a regular schedule anyway. The current post is regarding the Future of Blogging is Both Consolidating and Expanding. Here is a short excerpt:

In the microblogging space, there are several players. Twitter is currently king and looks to dominate for quite some time. There are other Twitter-like sites around as well, like Plurk, Identi.ca, Rejaw and others. Identi.ca has not grown significantly since their initial push, but Plurk has shown some interesting growth lately. Then there are some tools that are more than just Twitter-like. Tools like Pownce, Jaiku and Tumblr allow users to share files and other media as well as short bursts of text. Tumblr has seen some very good growth over the past year, but the same cannot be said for Pownce or Jaiku … Does this mean there is no future for microblogging besides Twitter? Definitely not.

I also wanted to point out that there is a new Google FriendConnect widget on the right sidebar. You should see it above the MyBlogLog widget. Please join either community if you can. I am hoping that the new social offerings from Google and Facebook will have interesting community applications built on top of them. So, in the coming months, hopefully I will try driving the community more as opposed to solely blogging.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you stay a while!

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