100 Posts and Other Administrivia

It has been a while since one of those “State of the Blog” posts, but I have been waiting for something interesting to happen. Well, that something interesting was my 100th post! Post #100 was about Facebook being the Key to the Mainstream. That post was written because I saw many applications creating Facebook applications to get in front of millions of people. I saw SocialMedian get a big jolt of traffic when it was released. Days later, Netvibes announced integration with Facebook Connect.

So, how is the blog doing? Let me just dump the numbers for you:

  • Months Blogging: almost 10
  • Posts Per Month: 11
  • Words Per Post: 677
  • Total Words In Posts: 68398

The past month has been a little more active:

  • Posts this Month: 13
  • Words Per Post: 849
  • Total Words In Posts: 11042

I find the fact that my posts are longer to be humorous. I have been trying to make my posts shorter. I am definitely failing that goal.

Of course I have to answer the question, how do the “major” ranking statistics look:

  • Technorati Authority: 131
  • Technorati Rank: 41057
  • Feedburner: 487 subscriptions, this is an approximate number as bloglines was 19 but currently missing entirely.
  • Google Page Rank: 5

Generally, the growth of the blog has slowed since the beginning of the summer, but that is OK as long as it does not start to go backwards.

Lastly, what happened to YackTrack? First, life got in the way. The family moved into a new apartment earlier this summer. Then work got in the way. I do not blog or work on the internet for a living. I am a “corporate” software engineer and work got really busy during the summer and will not slow down for a few more weeks. Regardless, I have been plugging away at some new features for YackTrack and should hopefully be able to release the new update soon.

That is all for now and thanks for reading!

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