YAGP: Social Median and Activity Streams

Yes, I have another guest post over at LouisGray.com. The post is titled “Increased Activity Streams Boost Social Median’s Chances” and is loosely summarized as follows:

The one problem I have been having with SocialMedian has been the need to manually “clip” stories that I find interesting on the internet. Many social news sites, i.e. Digg, Mixx, etc., use this model with great results. SocialMedian has been trying to focus on getting relevant information in front of their users, while maintaining the voting and commenting mainstays of social news.

In the past week, SocialMedian has changed the core of what they are and it is a good thing. Are they a prime target for a buyout? Or will they be the next web darling? I think they would be an interesting purchase for someone looking to get into the news and aggregation space, Google perhaps? I have no power to make them a web darling, but they are making it hard for people to not notice them.