YAGP: Are Startups Cheaper?

First, a housekeeping item. I am going to be using YAGP for “Yet Another Guest Post”. In the past few months I have been given the opportunity to guest post, so I want to make sure you, my loyal readers, get to see my opinions on some other fantastic blogs. One thing I will not be doing is pimping my posts on Mashable. If you want to follow those posts, either subscribe to their feed or look at my author page.

So, today I have a new guest post on Louis Gray’s blog, Is There Less Funding Or Are Startups Just Cheaper? The general idea is that as an early adopter and software adopter, I have an interest in the business side of startups. So, if you read some of the business or venture capital blogs, you see some interesting information. One question being discussed lately is whether funding is harder to find. There are some interesting trends, and my opinion is that startups are just cheaper now than they used to be. I hope you enjoy the post.

2 thoughts on “YAGP: Are Startups Cheaper?

  1. Boy, “YAGP” doesn’t exactly just roll off the tongue, does it? Awe, I kid, I kid!

    Interesting topic. I’m sure there’s nothing I could say about you haven’t already thought about, but it’s interesting.


  2. YAGP was my attempt at a flag for my readers to say you might have seen it somewhere else already.

    I am glad you find it interesting though. I have wondered about what some of my readers that may not be “avid FriendFeeders” would really think about some of these topics.

    Thanks for reading!


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