Federated Microblogging at LouisGray.com

Fairly soon you will all be tired of hearing “Hey I have another guest post!” But, for now you have to keep hearing it. I have another guest post over at LouisGray.com talking about Federated Microblogging.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about, here is a short summary. People are leaving Twitter for other services. However, they do not want to lose their followers or the people they are following. So what if we had all of the microblogging services use a standard API so that you can follow a user from a different service? I am thinking about what email does and how DNS tends to work. If you use these concepts, the services will no longer be islands, and people can move to the platform that they want to use.

There is already some good discussion in the comments on the post as well. So, go have a look.