YackTrack Performance Issues

Many of the YackTrack users have noticed that there have been some problems on the site. Typically, you may be getting some sort of “Proxy Error” or “HTTP 502” error. This is all due to performance, mainly the number of services YackTrack supports at this time. I want to continue adding services, but the performance issues obviously take priority. What is the point of a service supporting 40 services if you can never see the results. I have put some minor changes in place in order to eliminate most cases of the errors, but the pages are loading very slowly in some cases. It seems like some queries are taking slightly longer than 3 minutes, which may even timeout your browser.

In the next few weeks, I will be introducing very few new features or services. Most, if not all, of my time will be focused on better performance. Obviously, we are looking at various caching methods, but the focus needs to still be the future of the site. There are still some “big” features planned for YackTrack, and I want to ensure that I can add these features without causing more performance problems.

I apologize for any inconvenience the performance issues have caused, but hopefully the issues will be rectified soon. Also, thank you for your continued support and promotion of the site. I still say that YackTrack has the best users and this support has definitely made the development of YackTrack more fulfilling and exciting. So, keep an eye out for updates her on the blog.