I have arrived! Sort of.

This is just a quick note to my loyal followers. First you will notice that there is a new image over on the right hand sidebar. Yes, I am in the Lifehacks section of Alltop! Many thanks to Guy Kawasaki and the rest of the Alltop team. I know I have been on there for a while, but I just found out about the blog badges. More importantly, they have cool badges like the one featured here!

Another quick announcement is that I have hit the century mark! Yes, I now have 100 loyal subscribers. Most of the readers are courtesy of the Alltop listing, Guy linking to my Alltop article on Twitter, and more recently, Louis Gray sharing my Comment Where You Want article with basically everyone using Google Reader and FriendFeed.

So, I thank everyone for their support. I do hope to make more exciting announcements like this in the near future, so just keep on reading and sharing!

3 thoughts on “I have arrived! Sort of.

  1. Now you gotta change your name to SuperGeek or UltraGeek. Regular Geek just doesn’t cut it anymore. Go with it 🙂

    @Louis – Now completely convinced that you never sleep or have scripts botting and writing this stuff…


  2. @Louis thanks for the note, and the sharing of that one article. I got a big subscriber boost from that.

    @Charlie Regular Geek is just fine. If I get to a few thousand subscribers or something like that, then maybe we change the name. I just like my shiny new all top badge 🙂


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