Are You Lifestreaming Yet?

I was planning on writing this spectacular review on social aggregation and lifestreaming services. Instead, I found this article today that does a better job than I would have done. The reason for the interest is because there is a lot of funding being thrown around, specifically at FriendFeed and others. As the review states, Profilactic supports the most services, currently at 144. No other service comes near that number of sites. ReadWriteWeb also had an overview of 35 sites that have lifestreaming functionality. I say functionality as there are several sites, like MyBlogLog, that have added this service to their normal features.

So, instead of a big review I am going to talk about why you might want to add a lifestreaming service to your daily site visits. As a content publisher, think blogger or twitterer, you can combine all of your information into one convenient location for other people to browse. This is a nice convenience as you do not have to explicitly follow all of your social media friends on every different site. For someone like myself, it proves very useful as I do not use Twitter yet so I am not actively following people on Twitter. I found the lifestreaming review because of a lifestreaming site. Conveniently enough, I was following one of the Profilactic team, and he had posted the link to the review. This is part of the power of lifestreaming, finding content from someone in an unexpected place. If you use and follow more than one social media service, it is a fantastic resource.

One of the other benefits is seeing your own information in some sort of time line. Seeing that you stumbled several sites one day and bookmarked sites another day, but did not post anything to your blog can give you an idea of what you are doing. Seeing your bookmarks and stumbles in one place can give you blog post ideas as well. Given that those are the sites and pages that you like, there has to be a blog post for you to write in there somewhere.

There are some lingering problems with lifestreaming, one is choices. The review mentioned above had 15 sites, but did not include sites like MyBlogLog that have started including this functionality. The review is excellent, and echoed my sentiments on the choice of Profilactic. The other major problem is acceptance. Social media is very popular with the internet crowd, but it has not really reached the consumer masses. Social networking is closer, but most people are in only one network. Given that social media has not really reached critical mass, the aggregation and lifestreaming services will be gaining acceptance slowly. Even more services will be popping up in the next few months, and other services will be coming out of private beta. Until some sites fail, and consolidation occurs, you may need to be lifestreaming on a few different sites. If you have that kind of social media addiction, you should be using Profilactic and Friendfeed. If you really need to choose one, I would have to recommend Profilactic for their ease of use and the number of services they support.

6 thoughts on “Are You Lifestreaming Yet?

  1. Well, currently I’m calling Profilactic the clear winner, simply due to its huge number of supported services. But one to watch is Socialthing (need an invite? let me know). Social thing only really supports a couple services as of yet, but they are still in private beta. What they allow that the others do not is the ability to reply to twitter and pownce messages from within your lifestream. And that’s pretty damn cool. I’ll definitely be following them to see how they develop.


  2. @honest_ape
    Profilactic support is very important given that most sites only support 20 or so others. I have not really looked at socialthing!, but it is getting very good buzz lately.


  3. Like I said, it’s one to watch. Of course, if Profilactic comes up with the functionality of being able to reply to twitter and pownce like Socialthing does, it’s a no-brainer that Profilactic is the way to go.


  4. @honest_ape
    OK, I remember a little about the SocialThing! buzz now. Thanks for the reminder. I did start looking at it, but have not really been able to play with it yet.


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