Helping With Digital Curation

I have previously talked about digital curation and that you should follow my shares in Google Reader. The problem is that only some of you use Google Reader, some use Google Buzz and everyone else is using Twitter and Facebook. I do not want to clutter my Twitter stream with my 40 shares per day, so I am thinking of taking a slightly different direction. I also did not want to push daily content down my RSS feed without seeing how the readers of this blog felt about the idea.

So, I am thinking of creating a daily post that is the list of articles that I am sharing from Google Reader. This is a typical links post, but there will be somewhere between 30 and 40 links per day. The post will probably be published in the morning around 9AM US-Eastern time. Please vote in the poll below. If you have other comments, feel free to comment on this as well.

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9 thoughts on “Helping With Digital Curation

  1. Patience, mate! Favit releases its streamer soon. The streamer is a great new gen technology, its where the stream reader meets with the curation platform. Everyone will be able to subscribe to your curated streams through a personal tool – isn’t that great! follow on


    1. Konstantin

      I will look into favit as well, but I have been looking to do this for a while. I am looking at this as a service to the blog readers, while favit is something bigger than this.


  2. I follow you in Google Reader and your shares are great. So it doesn’t really matter for me because I read them regularly but maybe other readers who don’t use Google Buzz or Google Reader would like it. Instead of going through thousands of RSS feeds in Google Reader sometimes is better to go through friends shares, save time and read the quality articles. That is what sharing is all about . 🙂


    1. Sandrina

      Thanks for the kind words regarding my shares. One of the reasons I was thinking of this is that a lot of people do not use RSS too much. I am currently subscribed to over 400 RSS feeds, so I do a lot of filtering before sharing.


    1. DGentry,

      People like yourself weren’t really the target either. I know we are connected in various places so that you probably see all of my shares anyway.


  3. Hey Rob,

    Any decision on this yet? Just curious.

    I am having similar thoughts about whether to publish a digest of Reader shares on my blog. Would love to know your thinking after this poll.



    1. Mahendra,

      I was hoping to get more of a response so that I could make a better decision. However, given the limited results I will proceed as I was planning by having daily “reader share” posts. I need to create the plugin in order to do it, so it will take a bit of time. I will have an “announcement” post when I am ready to go with it.


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