YackTrack Has A Blog!

It has definitely taken me long enough, but YackTrack now has a blog! So, all of the YackTrack announcements or news will now be published on that blog. The blog has been preloaded with all of the YackTrack posts from this blog, so that you can follow the story from the beginning.

In addition to the basic information on the blog, some posts on social media like monitoring, conversations and others that are related to YackTrack in some way will be posted solely on the YackTrack blog. Most likely, the posting frequency will be about once per week at best. So, do not expect to find daily analysis of news on the YackTrack blog.

What does this mean for content on RegularGeek? Not much will change here. There will be less of my posts regarding distributed conversations, social media monitoring, and brand and reputation management. RegularGeek will still have some programming and general tech content, as well as analysis of social media news just like before. Only a small sliver of the typical content will be moving to the YackTrack blog.

So, head over to the YackTrack blog and subscribe to the feed or emails to get all of the YackTrack news and various bits of social media goodness.

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