An Update On The RegularGeek Donors Choose Challenge

DonorsChoose.orgSo, it has been over a week since I announced my Giving Page on I am pleased to say that Regular Geek readers have donated $100 so far. This is not a big number, but I am just happy that I can reach some people to help those who need it.

Also, one of the projects we were trying to support has reached completion! The Gigantic World of Geometry has received their requested donations! If you go to the project page, there is a thank you letter from the teacher that you can read. As I said in my first post about, I am adding another project to the page.

If you look at the Giving Page, on the right side you will see the impact our donations make. Currently, we have donated $125 and helped 120 students. I am very thankful that you have decided to help. To make the challenge a little more interesting, take a look at the top donating tech blogs. We are currently tied for 8th place but I think we can easily be in the top 3. More interestingly, we are only $50 behind Mashable, one of the most widely read tech blogs in the world. Let’s try to get ahead of Mashable, and then go for the top 3!

Thanks again for all of your donations.

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