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After writing my Quick Guide to Social Media, I realized there were far too many blogs that I left out. The blogs to read should have been a separate post entirely. I was also questioned in one of the comments about my definition of social media. My definition of social media is one that I had seen used before in various conversations. People wanted to group sites together that had a “social” component to them. Social news sites like Digg and Mixx could then be grouped with social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. In any case, it is a simple term to group “social” sites together. So, without further ado, here is the required reading list for people interested in social media:

First, there are the blogs I recommended in the quick guide, Louis Gray, Alexander van Elsas, Muhammad Saleem, SarahInTampa and SheGeeks. In many cases, you may see these people or others in the list guest posting (or writing full time) at ReadWriteWeb or Mashable, which you should be reading anyway. Here is the rest of my list:

As I said in my previous post, these are blogs that have a significant amount of content about social media. There are plenty of blogs I am not listing because they are about general technology or software development and tend to dabble in social media. Those blogs would probably be a good post by themselves.

If you think there is a good social media blog I am not listing, please let me know as I am always looking for something good to read.

44 thoughts on “Required Reading in Social Media

  1. Hey Rob, thanks for the nod! I’ve been exploring new feeds a lot the past couple weeks. I’m glad you listed a few bloggers I’ve never heard of, looks like quality reading.


  2. @J. Phil
    I would put you into a different group of blogs that I read. I would not include my blog in this list either because I tend to go into software development too much. You have a lot of tips and tricks as well. Definitely required reading, but for a different crowd.


  3. Thanks, Rob. You are right in that I have made a conscious decision to not cleave to close to the social-media-news type of stuff.

    I appreciate the clarification!


  4. I think this a very good list pertaining to Social Media reading. I am also glad to see two members of Social Blend have their blogs listed (Tamar and Reem). Great article Rob!


  5. @SilentJay

    After I wrote the “quick guide” I realized that I had to leave too many people off the list. I think Tamar is a typical read for a lot of people, but blogs like Reem, Mark Dykeman and some of the others just don’t get the publicity that they should.


  6. @Chris

    I just started reading social times recently (within the past month maybe), so I could not include it.


  7. I’d like to vote Regular Geek to that list too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great list Rob and I’d definitely recommend all of these too! Some of them I’m subscribed to, some I’m not but now I’m going to subscribe to them thanks to you.


  8. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on there. Akismet support swear blind I’m not getting caught and Akismet never seems to learn from everyone un-spamming me.


  9. I find this list really interesting… because I would’ve picked an almost completely different one. I’m going to start checking all these people out (though I’ve already been a fan of Tamar, I haven’t read all the other folks).

    I guess it’s maybe because I’m more interested in the techniques than all the individual tools–so I find myself reading much more Chris Brogan and taking advice from Skellie or Copyblogger, etc.

    You can find my version in my Social Media Resource List and Guide, you might find it rather different in its approach. Thanks for sharing! And I’m going to keep checking out your site (came here via Digg).



  10. @Jared

    I did not include the likes of Skellie, Copyblogger, etc because this was specifically about social media. If you want to talk about freelancing or blogging, then yes they are absolutely required reading.


  11. A very useful list – many thanks. My own site is still in its infancy, but is being developed specifically as a social media marketing blog.

    I’m also putting together a podcast – first edition later this week. All ideas and feedback very welcome.


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