Robert Diana, the author of this blog, is offering consulting services under the Regular Geek brand. These services are currently offered as only part time availability and typically not as an on-site engagement. Robert has been working in software development for over 15 years and has experience in training, web development, application development, and database development.

With the rise of social media, there is more information and conversation than every before. Is your business equipped to deal with these changes? Do you know what changes you want to make, or are you still learning about the benefits of sites like Twitter and Facebook? If any of this sounds familiar, then maybe Regular Geek can help you.

  • Web and Social Media Development – Almost everyone has a web presence now. If you want to expand into web applications and social media, we can give you the tools you need. We have significant experience integrating social media technologies, like RSS feeds, the Twitter API and other social media APIs.
  • Database Development – Data is the backbone of almost every application. We can help you create a database for a new application, or consolidate data from several databases into a data warehouse. If you already have a large data warehouse but need to extract large quantities of data, we can create data marts for you as well.
  • General Technical Consulting – Sometimes you just need someone to help you understand what your company’s applications do, what features they still need and how it might get done. We have experience with the full software development lifecycle, from requirements gathering, analysis and design through development, testing and deployment.
  • Training – If you are a larger company, you may already have a significant in-house development team. Technology moves fast, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. We can create a customized training for your team for any of the technology services we offer.
  • Speaking – Maybe you do not want several people to lose a few days of work for a training session. Maybe you just want an hour or two to learn about some new technology and your team can figure out the rest. Let us help you get started with a new technology by presenting an overview to your team.

If any of these services fit your needs, or you want to have a conversation about potential services, please email me at info AT regulargeek DOT com or complete the form below.

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