This post is just a quick note to let people know that the blog has visually changed. There is a new layout, not completely different than before, but definitely different.

One thing you will notice on the right side are the new social images. There are convenient buttons you can use to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz. You can still find me on other sites that I am not as active on the About page. There are also big buttons for following the RegularGeek blog on Twitter, via RSS or Email. The RegularGeek Twitter account currently has only posts from the blog, but I am looking for interesting ways to use it if you have any ideas.

Another change I wanted to point out was the social sharing options on each post. Beneath the post title you can see four icons that you can use to share RegularGeek posts with Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook and Digg. These icons also appear at the bottom of each post as well. Feel free to share the posts on other social sites as well.

Over the rest of the summer, other things will be changing as well. I will eventually have a logo, but that is still being worked on. Some of the navigation will change, and the static pages will be changing as well.

So, if you are reading this post in an RSS reader, please take a look at the site to see the new changes. As always, let me know in the comments if you like it or hate it.

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