New Twitter Design
This morning I noticed that my Twitter home page looked a little different.  Please ignore my choice in color schemes, as I tend to like the dark background I have. If you look closely at the image, or click to see the full size image, you will notice several differences:

  • The search bar is no longer at the top, but on the side under the home, @replies and other navigation items.
  • The trending keywords are beneath the search bar.
  • The “selected” navigation item does not have a solid background color, but just the little triangle and a different colored font.

Compare this to the old version of the user interface:

Old Twitter Design

The old version has been around for quite some time, and Twitter has been in need of some upgrades. However, are these design tweaks worthwhile? I am not sure if they really affect what I do, but I know I wish they would focus on more functionality. The design has always been fairly simple because it had few features to support. Maybe these design changes are a precursor to something bigger. We can always hope.

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