If you follow me on FriendFeed (or other lifestreaming services), you will know I am an avid user of Google Reader. Reader is one of those applications that you do not know if someone is using the information you share without a little additional work. Thankfully, a few people have mentioned my feed and I have seen several people commenting on my shares on FriendFeed. If you are not using Google Reader, I highly recommend it. It is a very good RSS reader, and the ease of sharing items with other users is very helpful. So, if you start using it, you can look at my shares at my shared items. If you are not using Google Reader, you can still subscribe to my shared items by pointing your RSS reader at my shared item feed.

I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about my shared Google Reader items. Well, Sarah Perez of SarahInTampa.com and ReadWriteWeb had a nice post a while ago about what items she reads and shares. Somehow, my shared items feed is what she shares most. Many people are revealing what they read and the same theme keeps popping up. People are sharing items that they read on other shared item feeds. Louis Gray has started posting his most read feeds as his Google Reader Leaderboard.

The interesting point is obviously how people find information. If people are reading and sharing a lot of items that are shares from other people, they are probably using people as a filter and as a recommender. Given how much information is published every day, this is very important. Filters and recommendations are the keys to any social information stream. In looking at my sharing habits, 5 of my top 10 share sources are other people’s shared items feed. I believe other RSS readers have this type of sharing functionality, but I do not believe it is as easy or as widely used as it is in Google Reader. This makes it a very powerful tool.

This brings me to a different idea. If you are using Google Reader, feel free to subscribe to my shared item feed. If you are not, you can still subscribe because it is just an xml feed. However, I am sure there are some people that may not want to clutter their RSS reader in this manner. I love the idea, and currently read 13 shared item feeds.

For those people who do not want this information in their RSS reader, I have a proposal. If you feel that you would like to read my shared items outside of your reader, I can put my list of shared items as a blog post every day. Initially, this would just be a post that I create, but eventually I would like to generate the post automatically. Is this something that you are interested in? If so, leave me a comment here or even on FriendFeed.

Whatever you do, just keep reading. There is a lot of good content that we miss every day.

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